Global English Conversations

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Take part in a real talk-show in English via Skype. Feel like its special guest, answer questions with or without the help of a teacher, and feel the pleasure coming from speaking global English!

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Global English

There are far more non-native speakers of English than native speakers today. As a result, the language the whole world is using to communicate and work is simpler and easier to learn. One thing that does not change, however, is the complexity of reality. By being more tolerant to pronounciation and grammar, Global English allows to focus on meaning and sense, emphasising what counts the most: communication and mutual understanding.

Awesome Questions

The quality of conversations depends on questions. And the unique quality of questions in Mentals turns each class into a real talk-show, and a great opportunity to practice your English. Mentals allows for a moment of genuine thinking and creativity in a world of otherwise ready-made answers and solutions. The questions are so good that you will do everything to answer them. And the desire to communicate outweighs all linguistic barriers.

A Great Teacher

Classes in Mentals are run by Jedrek Stepien: an experienced English teacher, a graduate of English, economics and cultural studies, an expert in the field of conversations. His way of running conversation classes resonates with students and teachers alike. His speech on "The Art of Conversation" was enthusiastically received at the Annual International Colloquium TESOL in Paris in 2015. Mentals is his brainchild run since 2013.

Freedom in Learning

Each class in Mentals constitutes an independent whole. Meet five times a week or once a quarter to verify your progress. Build an intensive language training or treat Mentals as a compliment to your current English course. Advanced students may use Mentals to refine their skills, explore semantics and see how deep into meaning their language can pierce.

Each class consists of:
Questions: 5%
Your answers: 80%
Feedback: 15%

It's a very pleasant form of learning, and thanks to a mobile app it allows me to study at any time, even on holidays.


The questions are always very interesting and they encourage both thinking and speaking. I always come back here with pleasure.


You'll receive a bunch of phrases and idioms as a warm-up, and a concise feedback at the end of each lesson. I always finish my classes full of energy and motivation for further study :)


This school has been recomended to me by a friend of mine who said it had changed his life. I owe him a beer for that ;) The lessons simply force you to think, and such classes are not easy to come by.


Intriguing conversations, uptakes and conclusions would make these lessons valuable even if they were in my native language.


If you are looking for English classes based on speaking, not tests, then Mentals should be your first choice.


The school is excellent! The teacher is great! The method is completely different form what I have known sofar. It stimulates the brain, encourages creative thinking and prepares you for all kinds of linguistic situations :)


Education with a capital E

Each class in Mentals is one of a kind and happens only once, yet all of them share the same energy and passion, which make learning here an excellent experience.

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Think and speak at the same time

Mentals helps you to gather your thoughts and transform the incessant stream of information into something valueable. It's a place where both professional knowledge as well as private fascination with gossip portals become an asset. All in the name of a clear and coherent answer!

The benefits of Mentals

You'll overcome the language barrier

The questions in Mentals are designed in such a way as to make you speak. They are itching for an answer, and at the same time there are no right or wrong answers. Have fun answering them, and don't worry if you forget a word or particular grammar construction - there is a professional linguist ready to help!

You'll develop your vocabulary

Mentals is all about expressing yourself and connecting the dots, that is why the emphasis is put on words and phrases most useful for that purpose, leaving the names of all articles of clothing for later. All new vocabulary items from each class end up on Quizlet, a cool and free app on your phone or tablet.

you'll surpass native speakers

Our goal in Mentals is precision, clarity and depth of your language. Mentals will sharpen your perception in second language, and as a result, what you say will be clearer, smarter and more coherent than the thoughts of many people for whom English is their native language. And what about your local accent? Nothing. It adds up to your charisma.

You'll gain self-confidence

Mentals will make it clear to you that language is primarily a tool for communication. It's not art for art's sake, but a carrier of something much more important, namely the meaning. The classes will help you get rid of the fear of mistakes - you'll take the innitiative and transition to offence!

You'll open your mind

Here in Mentals, we extract the wisdom trapped in language. You'll get another chance to learn words and concepts which you learned as a child, but this time, as an adult, you'll be wide awake and the result will exceed your wildest dreams!

You'll gain vitality

There are classes in Mentals after which you actually feel much younger. Such is the power of dealing with meaningful things: they add to your vitality in contrast to meaningless stuff which sucks out all vital forces from an individual.

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  • a taste of Mentals
  • individual feedback
  • discussion about motivation and goals

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75 min


A real talk-show,
an excellent opportunity to produce language!

  • about one hour of you speaking
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  • convenient time of classes

45 min


Mini talk-show,
a dose of refreshing questions

  • over 30 minutes of you speaking
  • individual feedback
  • convenient time of classes



A pass
for 10 classes 75 minutes each

  • great questions, huge talking time
  • individual feedback
  • the pass is valid for 4 months
  • classes at a convenient time



A pass
for 10 classes 45 minutes each

  • great questions, long talking time
  • individual feedback
  • the pass is valid for 3 months
  • classes at a convenient time

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