We are building a language school in VR! 😎

What's the plan?

Do you want to join us?

A new, kickass VR project on the verge of education and entertainment. To make Virtual Reality more human and to get rich! 😀

The A-team (we are here)

We need an international, if not an intercontinental team. EdTech oriented teachers, freelancers willing to change their life!


We find a company which is going to build a minimum viable product for us.


Finally in VR! We give free access to our app and collect feedback.

Implementing improvements

This stage is going to be capital intensive, so we start in competitions, ask governments and who not to help us.

Teaching in VR

The access to our app is paid, and we move to VR full time. Our intercontinental team keeps the app open 24/7. We recruit new people, launch new rooms and add new languages.

We sell the company and become filthy rich!

Or not. We keep it and we keep growing what is right now the biggest (and the best) place for intercultural and interhuman exchanges on the planet, because we love doing what we do, always like it was day one! 😃

So, Who Do I need?

A person able to get people of all ages to express themselves in a language that isn't their first 👇



You are educated formally and sentimentally 😉 You know philosophy and pop culture.


EdTech Whiz

You are well-oriented in the world of #EdTech and have your own ideas about what EdTech should be. It's nice too if you own a VR set (Oculus Go, Rift or other) and enjoy VR in general.


Magnetic Personality

You make a great talk-show host. You love talking with people and they love talking with you. But most importantly - you are yourself.

SVG Arrow

Together we can make Virtual Reality a more valuable and more human place! 👍

Get in touch with me

and tell me what do you make of it?

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